Transfer Station

RECYCLE before you TRASH IT!

1. Deposit Everyday Household Recyclables for FREE.   

What Dumpster?Details
Mixed Paper Compactor (junk mail, catalogs, books, paper egg cartons)No plastic bags
Newspapers & Magazines                        No cardboard
Aluminum Beverage CansBeverage cans only
Steel/Metal CansNo aerosol
for plastic food/drink, detergent containers
No plastic bags

#2 HDPE Translucent Plastics Compactor

Milk and water containers (partially clear)

No containers that contained non-food items
Glass (Bottles, jars, with caps removed)No picture glass, auto glass, light bulbs, ceramics
Corrugated CardboardNo waxed cardboard or pizza boxes

2. Recycle More Stuff for FREE or see attendant to pay fee.

AmmunitionPolice Dept. 
Brush, unpainted, unstained, untreated woodBurn pileLess than 5" diam; no stumps or logs in volume
CompostCompost pile 
Construction debrisConstruction dumpsterLess than 5 pounds. FEE for other debris.
MedicationsChain Pharmacy (CVS, Rite Aid)Do NOT flush medications!  For a small fee chain pharmacies provide disposal envelopes for prescription and OTC medications
Metal  Metal pileFEE for some items.
OilOil shedNo cooking oil, gas, antifreeze
Paint - latexTrashDry. Read Instructions
Propane tanks Propane area1 pound only. FEE for other sizes.
SharpsSt. Joseph HospitalPlace sharps in a sealed sharps container or liquid laundry detergent bottle.  Tape shut and mark "used sharps."  For more info, call 882-3000
Textiles/ClothingSalvation Army DumpsterSoiled items, rugs, pillows go in trash!








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Jim Solinas 673-4267