Schools - SAU Office

SAU 41 serves Brookline and Hollis

  • Brookline, a PreK-6 elementary district consisting of the
    • Richard Maghakian Memorial School (Grades PreK-3)  
    • Captain Samuel Douglass Academy (Grades 4-6)
  • Hollis, a grade PreK-6 elementary district consisting of the
    • Hollis Primary School (Grade PreK-3)
    • Hollis Upper Elementary School (Grade 4-6)
  • Hollis Brookline Cooperative School District serving grades 7-12 in two buildings
    • Hollis Brookline Middle School (Grades 7-8)
    • Hollis Brookline High School (Grades 9-12).

The SAU 41 Board is composed of the members of the Brookline School Board and the Hollis/Brookline Coop School Board.  It helps to coordinate K-12 ongoing programs through discussions with SAU staff.

Additional SAU 41 Information: 

SAU 41 Web Site

Office: 4 Lund Lane - Hollis, NH 03049

Phone: 603-324-5999

Brookline School Board

Matthew Maguire
Kenneth Haag
Rebecca Howie
Erin Sarris
Alison Marsano

Additional Information: Brookline School Board Web Site

Hollis/Brookline Coop School Board

John Cross - Brookline
Holly Babcock - Hollis
Cindy VanCoughnett - Hollis
Tom Solon - Brookline
Krista Whalen - Hollis
Elizabeth Brown - Hollis
Melanie Levesque - Brookline