Facilities Committee

The overall purpose of the Facilities Committee - when chartered - is to analyze near-term and long-range municipal space needs for the town, to identify and recommend solutions, and to recommend a strategy for maintaining existing and future town buildings. 

The 2015 Facilties Committee was tasked by the Selectboard with the following items:

1) Provide oversight for the exterior painting of the library;

2) Enhance the landscaping around the back entrance to the town hall;

3) Pursue energy efficiency opportunities for town buildings;

4) Oversee the repair work around the two ambulance bay doors at the Safety Complex;

5) Update the six-year maintenance plan for all town buildings; and

6) Assess potential changes and additional future uses of the transfer station

Some of the results of prior Facilities Committee work are included to the left under "Links".



Name Title
Tad Putney Chair