Transfer Station

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Recycling benefits the environment and Brookline! 

RECYCLE before you TRASH IT!

  1. Recycle in Transfer Station Recycle Area
  1. Deposit in Designated Areas at Transfer Station 
  1. Recycle at Other Locations
  1. Dispose of Hazardous Waste
  1. Trash

1. Recycle in Transfer Station Recycle Area.  What we earn on these materials helps to offset the cost of operations at the Transfer Station.

What Details
Mixed Paper (junk mail, catalogs, books, paper egg cartons) No plastic bags
Newspapers & Magazines                          Brown paper bags  
Aluminum Beverage Cans Beverage cans only
Steel/Metal Cans  
Hard Plastics
Plastic food/drink, detergent containers,
Milk & juice cartons (#1 thru #7)
No plastic bags
Glass (Bottles, jars, window glass, ceramics) No picture glass
Corrugated Cardboard No soiled cardboard


2. Deposit in Designated Areas at Transfer Station.

What Where Details
Asphalt shingles Construction dumpster $50/$90
(See Fee Schedule)
Auto/truck batteries Oil shed $2 min 
(See Fee Schedule)
Brush Burning pile Less than 5" diam; no stumps or logs in volume
Construction debris Construction dumpster $10/$20
(See Fee Schedule)
Electronics Electronics collections held quarterly Prices posted at collection area
Furnaces, Metal Desks, Riding Mowers, Snow Blowers Metal pile $5
Oil Oil shed No cooking oil, gas, antifreeze
Propane tanks see attendant $2 fee
Porcelain sinks & toilets see attendant $2 each
Stove, Dishwashers, Washers, Dryers and Water Heaters, Microwave ovens Metal pile Remove non-metal parts $5
White goods requiring Freon removal Metal pile Dehumidifier $10  Refrig, Freezer, A/C $15
Textiles Salvation Army Dumpster Not soiled, no rugs, no pillows
Tires Tire pile $2/$5  Rims Extra  
(See Fee Schedule)
Wood furniture Burning pile  
Wooden sliders see attendant $10 unit






What Where Details
Ammunition Police Dept  
Medications Chain pharmacy Do NOT flush medications!  For a small fee chain pharmacies (CVS, Rite AId) provide disposal envelopes for prescription and OTC medications
Sharps St. Joseph Hospital Place sharps in a sealed sharps container or liquid laundry detergent bottle.  Tape shut and mark "used sharps."  For more info, call 882-3000

4. Dispose of Hazardous Waste

What Where Details
Hazardous Waste Nashua or Milford Collections throughout the year.  Click here for information

5. If you can't recycle it and it is NOT hazardous waste and NOT animal carcass, you can put it in the TRASH dumpster.

What Details
9x12 and over
$5 min 
(See Fee Schedule)
Furniture - bedding, couch, sofa chair Tuesday and Thursday only
$5/$10 (See Fee Schedule)       
Paint - latex Read about Disposal of Latex Paint


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jim Solinas Lead Attendant 673-4267
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