What do I do if I receive an abutter notice?

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A Notice of Public Hearing advises you that your property is abutting a proposed subdivision or site plan application. The Notice will advise the date of the public hearing, the parcel under consideration and a general description of the project. At the public hearing, you will be given an opportunity to comment on the project. If you wish to ask questions or see the application prior to the date of the public hearing, contact the Planning Department. Generally, only one Notice is provided and you would need to attend the meeting to find out if the meeting has been continued, or if there will be any site walks.

If you are unable to attend the hearing, the local cable access channel (Ch. 13) broadcast the meetings. Also the town is running a program that streams the video feed of public meetings broadcast on Channel 13. This allows residents (including those who do not have cable) to view the meetings via the internet. You can also obtain a copy of the approved minutes here.