Melendy Pond Planning Committee (2018)

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In May 2018, the Selectboard chartered the Melendy Pond Planning Committee to build on the work of the prior committee's work and:

  • Recommend if a warrant article should be brought to the March 2019 town meeting regarding the future use of the land, which may involve the extension of some leases (but to not later than 2032); and
  • Develop specific ideas for potential town use of the land when leases expire.

The committee is comprised of nine members and the committee charter is included to the left.

Board Members

Name Title
Eddie Arnold Selectboard Rep.
Tom Solon Resident at Large
Webb Scales Resident at Large
Peter Webb MPA Rep.
Kevin Visnaskas Association Rep.
Christopher Duncan Planning Board Rep.
Eric DiVirgilio Conservation Comm. Rep.
Tad Putney Town Administrator
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