Gas Pipeline Related Information

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Tennessee Gas (a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan) advised the Town on December 8, 2014 of its plans to place an underground 36-inch gas pipeline through the north of Brookline as part of a project to bring gas from upstate New York to Dracut, Massachusetts.  Subsequently, the project was reduced from a 36-inch to a 30-inch pipeline.  On April 20, 2016, Kinder Morgan advised its shareholders that it was "suspending" the project.  Kinder Morgan formally withdrew the project's application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on May 23, 2016.

As shown on the accompanying maps, the proposed route was largely along the existing powerline corridor and would cross Route 13 near the town line with Milford.  The pipeline would have covered approximately 2.73 miles of land in Brookline.

Questions related to the project were sent to Kinder Morgan on January 6, 2015 in advance of the anticipated public meeting that was held June 10, 2015.  The questions are included below as well as the responses that were received from Kinder Morgan on January 21, 2015.  Additional written questions were submitted on June 23, 2015 and responses were received from Kinder Morgan on July 28, 2015 and are also provided below.

In November 2015, Kinder Morgan filed an application for the project with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which began what was expected to be about a 12-month project review process.

For a presentation that raises significant health concerns related to gas pipeline compressor stations please view the following:

kinder_morgan_project_withdrawal_letter.pdf20.85 KB
5_6_16_letter_to_ferc_re_municipal_coalition_mtn_to_dismiss.pdf309.92 KB
coalitions_motion_to_dismiss_with_ferc.pdf364.44 KB
km_media_statement.pdf124.73 KB
march_14_2016_letters_-_candidates_for_governor.pdf307.53 KB
coalition_letters_to_governor_and_nh_delegation_march_17_2016.pdf814.58 KB
joint_coalition_jan_15_2016_letter_to_ferc.pdf113.33 KB
nh_coalitions_intervention_filing_with_ferc.pdf866.72 KB
joint_coalition_health_press_release.pdf123.33 KB
dec_3_2015_coalition_press_release.pdf71.93 KB
compressor_station_presentation.pdf694.97 KB
letter_to_nh_and_ma_congressional_delegation_-_nov_20_2015.pdf244.73 KB
signed_coalition_scoping_submission.pdf1.42 MB
sept_14_inspector_general_letter.pdf2.22 MB
gas_pipeline_update_to_town.pdf51.23 KB
governor_hassan_august_14_2015_letter_to_ferc.pdf142.63 KB
september_km_open_houses.pdf31.23 KB
km_july_28_response_to_june_23_questions.pdf71.93 KB
july_21_letter_to_nh_puc.pdf122.63 KB
letter_to_coalition_from_governor.pdf132.63 KB
ferc_notice_of_intent.pdf881.74 KB
brookline_questions_to_kinder_morgan_june_23_2015.pdf31.23 KB
coalition_june_17_press_release.pdf51.23 KB
kinder_morgan_june_10_2015_presentation_to_brookline_residents.pdf7.97 MB
km_letter_to_town_re_surveying.pdf464.03 KB
board_survey_letter_to_km.pdf41.23 KB
may_5_2015_letter_to_nh_federal_and_state_elected_officials.pdf1.03 MB
delegation_april_30_2015_letter_to_ferc_re_scoping_meetings.pdf41.23 KB
brookline_pipeline_task_force_charter.pdf71.93 KB
brookline_nh_ferc_letter_3-16-15.pdf61.93 KB
rep._flanagans_letter_to_ferc.pdf71.93 KB
citizen_petition_warrant_articles.pdf344.73 KB
kinder_morgan_responses_to_questions_-_jan._21_2015.pdf316.13 KB
congressional_delegation_letter_1-14-15.pdf81.93 KB
questions_for_kinder_morgan_-_jan_6_2015.pdf71.93 KB
letter_denying_permission_to_survey_town_land.pdf34.96 KB
kinder_morgan_12-12-14_letter_to_town.pdf142.63 KB
dec_8_2014_km_pipeline_maps.pdf2.58 MB
gov_hassan_letter_to_selectboard.pdf41.23 KB
july_2014_selectboard_letter_to_kinder_morgan.pdf71.93 KB