Help Wanted: Lake Hosts for the Coming Summer

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The Lake Host Program is seeking individuals to assist in educating boaters about invasive species at Lake Potanipo's state boat ramp this summer.  Lake Hosts will:

  • Attend a single training session in Concord, NH with other Hosts

  • Educate boaters about aquatic invasive species, both plants and animals

  • Take brief boater surveys with visiting boaters

  • Do courtesy boat and trailer inspections to remove all hitchhiking aquatic invasive species and native species, too

  • Educate boaters to always open/remove drain plugs before trailering from the ramp and to leaving all drain plugs open/out while transporting

  • Collect suspicious samples to send to the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services for identification

If interested, please email Samantha Archer, Lake Host Manager, at: