Avitar Representatives Visiting Properties as Part of Property Revaluation

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The Town of Brookline has contracted with Avitar Associates to conduct a mandated Property Revaluation, which is required every five years. As part of their work, please be advised that employees of Avitar will be in Brookline over the next 3 months visiting approximately 50% of the properties in town.  These individuals will generally be in a white car with “Avitar” on the side. 

The law requires that property be valued from an actual view or the best information available. Records do not always reflect current data on the physical characteristics of each property. To ensure an accurate assessment, the assessors will take measurements of the exterior of buildings.  It is optimal to allow the inspector inside your property, but that decision is the residents to make. When access to a property is not permitted or obtainable, the elements that comprise your assessment will need to be estimated, which may result in an incorrect final opinion of value.  If you are not home, they will leave a card on the door. If you find a card and would like them to make an appointment to visit again, please contact the Assessing Department.

The Board of Assessors encourages residents to review their Assessment Card to make sure they agree with the data listed. On-line versions of the Assessment Cards are available at http://data.avitarassociates.com/logon.aspx (log in as “guest”).  Please note that the on-line data is only updated once a year – generally in January. You may also contact Kristen Austin in the Assessing Department at 673-8855 x216 or via email at kristen@brookline.nh.us to receive a copy of your current Assessment Card.

Should you have questions, please contact Kristen Austin for assistance.