2013 Valuation Update

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2013 Valuation Update

For tax year 2013, all property values will be updated to market value as of April 1, 2013. With the real estate market declining over the past few years, most of you will see your property values decrease.  However, because values decrease, this DOES NOT mean that your taxes will decrease.

Taxes are based on the combined budgets for the Town, school and county. The tax rate is determined by taking those budgets divided by the overall value of the Town to arrive at a tax rate to “pay the bills”.  With values decreasing, the tax rate will likely increase to offset the overall loss in value.  

Your new values will be calculated as of April 1st but will not be implemented until the final notice of tax or what is commonly referred to as the December tax bill.  Your first tax bill used your prior year’s assessment (unless you had altered your property recently for example:  a new addition, new shed, finished basement etc.) and ½ of last year’s tax rate, as this is required by State Law.

As part of the update process, you will receive in the mail a notice of new value, which will include a phone number that you can call to arrange to meet with an Avitar representative to discuss your assessment.  Instructions will also be provided to access the on-line database and review the information about your property and every other property in Brookline, including the sale properties that were used to help establish the new values.  We strongly encourage you to review your data online to be sure you are being assessed reflective of the accurate attributes for your home. If the physical data is incorrectly shown, it could lead to an erroneous assessment.